T3LAB  main goal is to instruct and develop the young-athlete by focusing on traditional and non-traditional fundamentals through skill developing drills and scenarios. “I have coached and/or played at different levels. I repeatedly witnessed (in school yard pick-up, recreation, AAU and high school practices/games), the lack of fundamentals. Using skill specific and transferable basketball drills along with my basketball knowledge on and off the court, kids will be able to improve their basketball IQ, skill level and overall game.” – COACH HOLDEN


T3LAB is a  Fitness instruction organization offering ongoing  clinics, group/individual  training sessions  to all ages. We also have Parent and ME option coming soon. 


T3LAB  Basketball camps and clinics focus on Basketball I.Q., Fundamentals & Skill Development. Such basketball fundamentals include but not limited to dribbling, passing, shooting, offensive strategy, 1vs1 defense, footwork, screening and rebounding. The drills are interchangeable to challenge the individual at their current skill level allowing continuous growth.


T3LAB is a great opportunity to maintain or start a healthy & active lifestyle for those who are looking to get active and develop a foundation to getting fit in a fun, structured and supportive environment. We focus on fitness thru core awareness, speed & agility and fundamental body control drills.


T3LAB currently holds clinics and camps in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill metropolitan areas. All instructors are experienced coaches/trainers and cumulatively have coached and/or instructed thousands of student-athletes. The environment is fun, positive, interactive, inspiring, instructive and challenging!


If T3LAB sounds like something your child(ren) may enjoy register him/her into an after school basketball clinic, individual/group or summer camp today!


T3LAB is currently taking registrations for upcoming  clinics .


T3LAB offers a "Basketball Fundamentals & Skills Development" program, which covers the following 5 courses: ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense and inside play/rebounding. Most courses run for five weeks or (5) individual classes.


T3LAB class is 1.5 hours and as each course name suggests, emphasis will be placed on developing that particular skill. Each course will also incorporate "additional" skill development including agility drills from remaining four (4) courses. All skills are constantly being developed emphasis is placed on one of the five skills.

T3LAB REFUND POLICY   T3LAB Has a NO REFUND policy.  UNLESS Instructor cancels class. T3LAB when possible schedules and offers make up classes. Also, when available discounts are offered for future clinics or camps. REFUNDS ARE GIVEN ONLY IF INSTRUCTOR CANCELS CLASS -EXCLUDES  UNFORSEEN SCHOOL CLOSINGS .   **** MAKE UP CLASSES ARE NOT GAURANTEED *****  







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