The founder and director of Triple Threat Training Lab, LLC, (T3LAB) Kindra Holden, aka “Coach Holden”, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana.  A former NCAA Collegiate Athlete  for the Queens University Royals Basketball Program, located in Charlotte, NC.  Kindra Holden graduated from Queens with a Business Administration; concentration in Marketing and an Accounting minor in 1997.  Shortly after she played with fellow teammates overseas in France. Kindra experienced a knee injury (torn ACL) prior to graduation that halted her  pursuit of an international basketball career early on. She then focused on coaching. Which was a natural transition for her from playing to coaching. She coached high school teams, middle school teams, AAU teams, YMCA teams and volunteered coach at local community facilities in the North and Southeast states from New York to Florida and in between moving with her husband to where his career led him. They made North Carolina their home in 2007.  She still managed to make time for basketball from volunteer coaching, training individual student athletes and team player development at the high school level while  being a full time mom to her 3 school age children.  Coach Holden played on the semi-pro team RDU Sting in Raleigh, NC (2009-2010).  


Coach Holden continues to coach/train boys/girls AAU teams, assist local high school coaches with team/player development thru skill training. Having the experience of being a player and coaching gave her the insight to improve the game of the individual player regardless of their age. Exposing them to the fundamentals; the foundation that would strengthen their game and allow them to achieve and improve their individual skill level.  While building confidence and a new view for the individual.  This increased their basketball IQ and begin to elevate their game to another level. “Once fundamentals become natural, a player can work on strategy and evolve their game allowing them not to be robotic and just become a role player”.  A coach is not looking to develop an individual player. A coach will use what an individual brings to assist in winning games. If the player comes in with a few or all ; defensive/offensive skill, Basketball IQ, hustle, instinct, agility they will use that player. 


The common factor at all levels that she coached or assisted was the lack of these basic basketball fundamentals.  Stunting the individual’s effective skill development. Coach Holden began to skill train and focus on player development at the middle school and high school levels. She is invited to local high school, middle school and AAU team practices for individual and group fundamental skill training. The need was obvious to start at a younger age to expose and teach fundamentals to the elementary age player. This would allow the individual to focus on team strategy instead of fundamental and skill development once in Middle school or High school and trying out for the school team.


T3LAB is currently  in North Durham elementary schools  with plans to expand  to Wake County elementary and preschools in 2016. T3LAB provides basketball fundamentals and skill training thru skill development, agility and coordination drills with collegiate experienced coaches that cumulatively have coached and or trained thousands of players at different ages and skill levels.


T3LAB donates 10% to the school and or provides sponsorship to 1-3 players a session. Coach Holden has been successful at many different levels since 1998 , with developing the individual player to benefit the team.

We are looking forward to assisting your student-athlete to reach their individual skill level and increase their basketball IQ along with their overall health and fitness level.